Giving Back - Our Ethical Policy

We believe in ethical trading and fair trade. We believe in fair pay for work and the importance of supporting this goal.

Unfortunately, globally, this is not the norm(yet) and when starting this small business we found it very hard to find affordable, accessible merchandise from factories that could provide these certifications. That is not to say we don't believe in them or that they should be the norm. We are not high profit driven and we are passionate about getting the best product to you at the best, most accessible, price. We believe in everyone making a fair living.

Often it is those that are not compliant that need the most help. Therefore we don't believe in shutting those in need of support out of the market. Everyone needs to put food on the table.

This is an 'ethical conundrum'. With this in mind, we have taken the approach of donating to third party organisation(s) on our/your behalf. As of 01.04.2019 we donate 5% of all sales to such causes. Further information on this topic can be found in the 'Ethics' link on the 'Inspiration' Menu.

Our list of cause(s) currently:


As we expand, we hope to be in a position to support more organisations in dealing with similar issues in this way. Should you have any suggestions for organisations please get in touch with us.

You feedback is important to us, should you have any suggestions or feedback in this regard please contact us at: