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Nickel & Metal Allergy Pack contains the following:

  • 1 Protective Cream HPS  (20ml) Prevents metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…) from penetrating the epidermis while letting the skin breathe. Efficient for up to 14 hours.

  • 1 Moisturising Lotion HP (200ml) A very safe and pure moisturiser. It hydrates and protects skin from environmental stressors: metals (Nickel…), pollution, dryness.

  • 1 Cleanser P (200ml) An exceptionally pure micellar water which gently cleanses, removes makeup, and purifies skin. Efficiently removes impurities, excess oil, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…) from skin, leaving it refreshed.

  • We ONLY ship this product to Ireland and UK.
Protective cream can also be bought on its own.